1. Dept. of Prosthodontics

It deals with all Oral and Maxillofacial prostheses, fixed partial dentures, Implant Prostheses and all other types of Removable Prostheses.

2. Dept. of Oral Medicine and Radiology:

The department is taking up the Initial evaluation of the patients, radiographic investigations, diagnosis and treatment planning.

3. Dept. of Oral Pathology

For carrying out Histopathological examination and Cytological examination apart from Immunhistochemical studies for confirmatory diagnosis.

4. Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

For carrying out oral and maxillofacial surgeries and dental extractions.  Trauma care is also carried out in the department.

5. Dept. of Pedodontics 

It caters the needs of dental problems of the child patients.

6. Dept. of Periodontics

The patients are treated for oral prophylaxis and surgical procedures involving the supporting tissues of the teeth.

7. Dept. of Conservative Dentistry

It carries out restoration of the defects of  teeth with special attention to Endodontics.

8. Dept. of Community Dentistry

It imparts dental treatments at the grassroot level and in the peripheral areas and also takes preventive measures.

9. Dept. of Orthodontics

For carrying out correction of malaligned teeth.

10. Division of Implantology

It provides specialized prosthetic treatment by utilizing Implants.